Monday, February 11, 2008

This morning...

I was headed to the beach with Chants, driving in Cardiff when I experienced heart-ache...the SUV in front of me hit a dog running in the street. OYE! I saw it all, can still see it now...the lil white shaggy dog running with his leash dragging. There was another dog too that ran in the street, a chocolate lab, but was not hit. This medium size doggy was.

I stopped my car, left it parked in the middle of the street, and got out to give it light & love. My legs straddled around the doggy, my hand on its heart, my other hand massaged it's neck. It lay still, breathing & heart beating fast. Others drove by looking, a few stopped, one gentleman called for help, thank you!

Finally the woman who's dog it was came over. She is Mexican, does not speak English & is in shock. Not much emotion, she can not recall the dogs name nor does she want to hold or touch the dog the way I do. The woman who hit the dog is also Mexican the two women speak in Spanish.

Out of no-where, the dogs heart just stopped beating on my hand, I continued to hold the baby, my heart & stomach were aching. Finally, maybe 15 minutes after the strike, a police officer showed up. He called animal services. The owner of the dog is still distant, I hug her and ask her if she wants to say a prayer or do anything for her dog.

Feeling super queezy, I choose to continue to my morning to get coffee & walk Chants on the beach. Less than 1 hour later, I drive back that way and the dog is still there, left where I covered him with a towel. WHAT! Why has no one come for this dog. Where is the owner. I am sick and must do something.

I call animal services, it's after 9am and they are closed! WHAT! Finally, I get a human on the phone, they let me know I need to call an animal removal service, and that is what I do.

Please join me in sending light & love to this doggy, mommy & family.

Man, that is just AWFUL. I would have been a complete and total wreck...I once saw a deer get hit by a car and the driver had to shoot it b/c its back was broken but it was still alive - I cried for hours. I'm sorry you had to witness such a thing, but glad you were there for the poor dog in his last moments.
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