Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Back in Cali

I had such a blast with my niece & nephew back in NYC last week, but it feels goooooood to be back in Cali now. I'm taking deep inhalations of coastal air, not polluted city air. I do not miss NY, I do miss my family & community.

The weather was so frigid in NY, my shoulders were up to my ears. The past two days have been 75 degrees here, yes I choose Southern California weather over east coast winters. I wasnt the only one either, everyone's shoulders are up to their ears. It cant be good!

Since I returned from the concrete jungle...I surfed Swami's - my 1st time since I started surfing; no wonder it's a favorite, that break is sweet, consistent, felt pristine to me. I also planted more herbs in my garden: parsley, cutting celery & rosemary. I loved coming back and seeing how much the garden exploded! The sugar snap peas grew at least 8 inches! Sunflowers that I planted before I left, too popped out of the earth.

With a visit back east, it's easy for me to recognize the peace in my every day life here in Encinitas. I am thrilled. Though with all the traveling, lack of sleep, being with the kids and flying, my immune system is down, and so I too am sick. Please do send health & light, aim it right at my throat chakra, that's where I need it most!

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