Monday, March 17, 2008

Please send light

I have never seen Chants act this way, I know him - and he is not himself. It started on Saturday, he sat next to me at the kids yoga teacher training I was leading and tears were dropping from his mouth, a different kind of salivation than he does when begging for food.

Yesterday he was limping, like he couldn't hold his own body weight up when he walked. All he wanted to do is lay down and sleep.

I took him to the Vet hospital on Sunday.

They took xrays of his spine & belly, NOTHING! A lil arthritis, so they gave him anti-inflammatories & Cosequin. Hellooooo???

He has his appetite, which is good - though I cant imagine him ever not! No fever and his heart sounds good.

This morning he was perk-ier, after a short walk he got tired and limped.

He is sleeping a lot today, which clearly he needs. But what is wrong with Chantsy Pants?

Please send him healing light.

Oh no! Poor Chantsy! I will send all my good thoughts his way!
Love & Light to both of you during this uneasy time.
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