Friday, April 25, 2008

What a wild & crazy time in life it is! In my past 18 hours, I was a witness to a hit & run drunk driving accident and walked on the shores where a 66 yr. old triathlete was just fatally attacked by a great white shark, yes here in San Diego!

My friend asked me today, "so what can I learn from all this?"

It's clear to me that life is short and so so precious. That at on my very next breath, life as we know it could change forever, or end so quickly!

So with the horror, negativity, I understand that our life is based on duality. That will the good, we have the bad. I choose to recognize the gifts in my life, especially those during this last day.

Yesterday was my birthday (I am now 34!) I received so many loving phone calls, text messages, emails gifts & cards from family & friends near and far away - that feels good, thank you!

On this day, I also was given the gift of teaching 12 pre-teen boys (all with a "learning disability") a yoga class at the Chopra Center. It was a transforming experience for all. For the kids & teachers, it was many of their first time practicing yoga, so turning their attention inside was mind-expanding for them. I know this because when I asked how they were feeling, one boy said "connected to my inner-awareness." Recently, I have been studying the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Teacher Training and loved sharing Sanskrit mantras, chakras and principles for success, according to Deepak Chopra.

I also celebrated at a lunch party including a yummy salad from my garden!

Lots & lots of gifts tucked in my last day of madness..."I am so grateful" is certainly my mantra.

Happy Birthday, Jodi! Hard to believe you are only 34 when you are such an accomplished person!
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