Thursday, April 03, 2008

When I moved to California, I dreamed of a house with a yard, where I could grow food in a garden, nap on a hammock, chill by a fire pit and eat at a picnic table.

Right now, so it is...

This past week I truly embraced my vision for my outdoor living. My garden is filled with fresh herbs, various kinds of lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, lemon & Japanese cucs, 3 kinds of squash, peas, strawberries, corn and a whole lotta lotta love. Digging beds, tilling soil (especially Encinitas soil!), designing a garden is no easy gig. It requires creativity, patience, strength and focus. All of which I embraced in building this garden.

I am in awe of how plant life grows, that a gorgeous sunny day gives so much energy that I can actually witness the growth. That a lil drink of water perks up bok choy instantly and that sweet smelling organic compost is like a rich lush hug. There is truly nothing I enjoy more than eating food I grow.

If you look closely in the photos, you will see the fire pit, hammock and picnic table too have joined my life!

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