Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Full moon, summer solstice, extreme low tides...I can feel Mercury Retrograde easing off, life has been very intense this past month. Not just for me, but for so many I know. I trust that all is perfect the way it is supposed to be and I do not resist, but boy do I feel challenged lately. Living so close to the edge of the country, I am so grateful for the sun that consistently sets, for the ocean waves that indefinitely break, for the infinite fresh air that I am able to breathe and for the positivity and many blessings that exists daily in my world.

The garden is growing and I absolutely love spending time in this edible lifestyle. I never thought I would enjoy browsing garden stores, weeding, planting. I always loved harvesting - eating food that is just minutes old, scrumptious. I never wear gloves, I prefer to feel the earth and get dirty like a kid. I am a total newbie (this is my 1st garden) and I love to learn, why there is nothing more satisfying than eating a meal that is 100% home-grown.

what an absolutely amazing garden! Hard to believe it is your first. I love cafe jojo!
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