Saturday, July 05, 2008

I am back in California, and boy did I miss the west coast! I just spent the last week running around New York City, literally! Staying on the Upper West Side, I led 2 Next Generation Yoga Teacher Trainings at a studio in Times Square - locale where everyone the subway, to the office, to lunch, to a meeting, to meet a friend, to cross the street and so on - well that was me this past week.

I had an amazing time sharing my expertise of kids’ yoga with 18 women from around the country and one from the UK. Everyone was open, giving, present, connected and vulnerable...a miracle in so many ways.

Reuniting with friends & family was too so refreshing, fun, and much needed for all. All of the lunches, dinners, drinks & gatherings were filled with love, laughs and light.

Despite receiving the gift of practicing yoga in a public class setting daily, my body aches. Yoga helped my mind & spirit, but the practice was different that I am used to, I got to ‘fly’ & ‘base’ in Acro Yoga, so fun and challenging! The combination of using new muscles, walking the concrete jungle in Havaiana flip flops, and being restricted to an airplane seat for 7 hours has left me craving ocean air, beach walks, surf, swim, garden & home cooked healthy meals. I am off to indulge!

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