Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tonight, after a great surfing session...I did what I have been doing for the past year and a half since I moved here. I got Chants & let him romp on the beach, play with the surfers, all while the sun is setting. As fun, freeing and beautiful as it is, it is illegal and tonight I got busted.

The beach we go to is San Elijo State Park, it is a kick-ass camp site right on the beach. Also the location of Shawn's camp store restaurant: Bull Taco. (website to come...)

Even though I spent my day, like I do every day, meditating, practicing 1.5 hours yoga, reading the spiritual Law of the Day, being graceful and grateful...I find myself pissed off & not able to let go of this one so easily. The ranger was such a bitch, she had an attitude filled with ego & authoritarianism. She wore plenty of armor but had no amour! You know the type?!

Just by writing this I feel my anger lifting. I will send her light, may she find positivity, freedom and happiness in her contribution to the world. That she is compassionate and heart-centered. Not that she didn't have to give me the citation, I broke the law, I get that!! But that she find non-violent ways to communicate. Come on, cant we all be on the same page, talk with respect to one another? How can we have peace in the world if it is not right here in our own homes?

Give thanks to the journal for freeing me up! Peace.

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