Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I finally registered my car in California & let go of my NY license plates. Ah the shedding of layers from moving to the west coast. It's actually kind of funny how my car feels different having CA plates. I feel different!

I hung with an east coast friend yesterday and she asked me if people notice a change in me since Ive been living in San Diego. How can I not be different!? There is something that just magically happens when one spends so much time at the beach. The ocean is so medicinal, healing that is. Ive been surfing 5 days a week, and being thrown around, riding waves and floating in the warm summer water is all therapy for me.

My intention is to immerse myself in environments and with people who soothe and nourish my soul.

Great to see how you're adapting to the Left Coast. You know, the one that will still be left no matter what happens.
Awesome blog that gives the impression that we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg in all the incredible fun and joy you're having.
Here's a little quiz to try - see how many people born in California (yes there are some!) call the state "Cali". Watch their face carefully when you ask them. It ought to be good for a hoot!
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