Monday, October 20, 2008

Arise & Shine

Today I started a 28 day intestinal cleanse. This is the first time I have embraced such a journey for this length of time, and along with fear...I am so excited to be doing it! I am so ready to detox and release whatever may be holding me back: physiologically, emotionally, spiritually & physically - all of which I trust will move through me exactly as it should during this next month.

The Arise & Shine cleanse was developed by Dr. Rich Anderson who made an herbal expedition in the beautiful land of Oregon. After surviving for a time on fresh raw herbs gathered in the meadows he discovered a formula for internal cleansing. In addition to his creative herbal formula, I get to enjoy the other most basic and natural foods: fruits & veggies, which is one of Mother Earth's most delicious gifts. I also get to drink some YUMMY delicious Bentonite (clay) and Psyllium shakes 4-5 times a day. ***Notice I am using the words "get to" as I have chosen this cleanse, and there are absolutely no "have to's!"I am being sarcastic, the shake is narley - but Dr. Anderson says: Love and joy can be cultivated to such a degree that not only can they heal our own bodies, they can also heal those with whom we come in contact. Those who Love enough never want for anything. It does not matter whether you are a saint, a devil, or in between! To cultivate the power of Love is the wisest venture anyone can ever initiate. For nothing, absolutely nothing in the universe will bring greater benefits and happiness.

Best yet, is that David & I are doing the cleanse together. We have each others love and support throughout through the journey. We are RPM'ing (rise, pee, meditate) daily and amongst other healthy and spiritual commitments, we have agreed to abstain from sex. Ahhh, love - it feels so good to share this passage with him.

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