Monday, October 27, 2008

Week 2

Today is the first day of week 2, or day 8 of the 28 day cleanse, however you want to see it - I feel f*%king awesome!!

To celebrate week 2, I had a colonic, ahhh talk about cleaning house. I think I released plaque and gunk from my intestines that has been lodged in there since my teenage years of eating Doritos & Burger King. But it doesnt stop there, the results of a colonic are so freeing. I feel lighter, grounded and pure. I am looking forward to the my next round at the end of this week, yep I'm going for 2 during week 2!

People who I tell that I am doing this cleanse with David are so inspired, so I wanted to share with you! It has been transformational for our relationship. Not only do we have the obvious support like reminding each other to take the herbs, making shakes for each other, etc. but we get to witness and be with each others unmasked souls during this deep emotional cleansing too. I'm not sure if you realize this, because I dind't before I started...but cleansing is not just about eating healthy, taking herbs and psyllium shakes - its proven to be a lot more. Every moment we have a new energy level along with a different emotion and to name some of the sacred ones we get to indulge in together are vulnerability, sensitivity, passionate love, fear, humility, gratitude, irritability, spacey-ness, and so many more. Through it all, we are communicating, accepting and honoring what ever comes up. It seems to be the best thing for our new found love.

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