Tuesday, November 18, 2008

28 Days Past & Still Cleansing

Yesterday, I completed the 28 day cleanse...with honor roll! It was incredible and I am so proud of myself!!

The final week was absent of food yet filled with vegetable juice, mineral broth and lots of psyllium and bentonite shakes. I had enough energy that week to deliver 2 NGY Teacher Trainings, teach 7 kids Yoga classes, 1 NGY Birthday Party, recieve 2 colonics, a coffee enema, daily beach walks with Chants and lots of lovin with my lover. Amazing, I think!

What I loved most about the cleanse is how the toxins and what wasn't naturally part of me poured out of every part of my body, mind and spirit. Early on in the cleanse, David said he smelled THC in my underarms. Through out the weeks, my teeth felt sore and had a coating on them. Daily, my thighs were achy as that muscle correlates with the large intestine. At times, I was emotionally sensitive and irritable...because perhaps letting go of my "sh*t" was challenging for me.

Most impressive is what came out of my intestines, I'm talking major mucoid plaque - pretty much the reason for doing an intestinal cleanse. Ill admit that while I didn't take any photos (David did of his), I did relate to many of the pics I found online. Enjoy at your own risk!

BTW - even though I have completed the 28 days cleanse...this week I remain on an alkaline diet and am still releasing the lovely mucoid plaque!

Your pages are EXACTLY what I needed to read...where do I even begin?
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