Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Entering week 3 of the Arise & Shine 28 Day Cleanse, I am just starting to feel layers shed. I am not just talking about releasing mucous from bi-weekly colonics which are crazy intense, but also the many emotions that I am feeling. I embrace it all, am free from attachment and surrender to all that is.

During the past 3 months I have experienced huge changes in my life including one that I am extremely proud of. I mindfully weaned myself off an anti-depressant, that I was on & off for the past 10 years. I am committed to feeling all that comes up, vs. numbing myself with medication. I know I have the tools to channel fears and negative emotions, which include daily meditation, yoga, connecting with nature, journaling, open and conscious communication and surrounding myself with high vibration people and environments. I am so grateful to be in this space and embrace all that I arises. I share this with you now, because I am feeling and I am psyched! This is what happens during an intensive cleanse.

What also happens is...David & I go to Glen Ivy Hot Springs. Amongst the steams, saunas and swims in the mineral baths...we got down & dirty in Club Mud with red clay which is a yummy purifying agent from ancient times. A total sensory experience, it draws from the pores, absorbs impurities, and releases waste and dead skin cells while tightening and revitalizing the skin. Definitely a highlight for me, I loved globing on the mud and playing like child. Who me? YES ME!

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