Sunday, January 11, 2009

This past week has been full of challenging emotions for me and I trust they are for the betterment of me as a human being, friend, woman, teacher and lover. David moved in to the house with me, and even though I am thrilled to be cohabiting with him, I have been challenged with letting go of living alone. You see I have spent the last 10 years living solo, blessed with large living quarters where "my stuff" was spread out luxuriously. I never had to squeeze clothes in a closet or drawer, kitchen appliances had room to breathe, and the bathroom sink was free of clutter. All that has changed as this spacious for 1 beach house is now cozy for 2.

What has become so clear for me is that I have been given the opportunity to surrender attachments, something I endeavor to be free of. Attachments don't serve us as they keep us limited and tight. I believe we are boundless beings. In the past, I have had the tendency to be rigid and by releasing attachments, I am less anal and militant. What a gift this lesson has been and now I get to enjoy it all while living with a lover :)

thank you. it mattered that you shared.
i love you.
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