Sunday, January 04, 2009

Visiting the homeland

David & I just returned from a holiday tour back to each of our homelands: his Toronto, mine NJ/NYC. What an amazing way to truly get to know each other on a deeper level, how could we not...we got to meet each others immediate families, saw lots of childhood photos, ate at favorite pastime restaurants, hung with friends from our youth and toured the old hoods. Despite the triggers that are natural to arise when returning to our homelands, the whole experience was a gift that I am so grateful for.

It was my first time in Toronto and I loved it. The city proper definitely felt smaller to me than NYC, yet more full of happy and easy going people. Like NY it is overflowing with culture and yummy ethnic foods. We made a tourist-o visit to the Niagara Falls, also a first for me. The energy of the falls is like none other. I felt an overwhelming beautiful connection to the divine, I know the reason why it is a wonder of the world.

NJ & NYC were a little tourist-y. We ice-skated in Wollman Rink, walked all of Central Park and since I could only tolerate a taste...we made a quick stop in Times Square. I really enjoyed sharing this visit with David and the tourist perspective. I especially loved doing the things I never did before as a NY'er.

All in all, like I said, the trip was perfect. It felt quick for all, parents included, but we did it. We introduced each other to our families, which was the purpose of the trip. And now our families know and understand our love for each other, and also who we are living with because today David moved in to the house with me :)

love love radiates from you both like the fullness of the sun that warms our earth and hearts!
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