Monday, February 09, 2009

Hug It Foward

Last weekend I had the privilege of contributing to one mans dream. Along with 30+ other GREAT souls, in a course called Spirit of Greatness, during a team building exercise we created a vision, a plan & made it happen.

The mission is similar to FREE HUGS, but Hug it Forward is about each person giving 10 hugs a day. Imagine if you hugged 10 people today, and they hugged another 10 each, in 10 days that would be 10 billion hugs!!

To me, the power of a hug, is so much more than body contact. It is an exchange of energy that soothes the soul, better than any medicine or drug I think.

Be alert to Hug it Forward, as it is coming to YOU, sooner than you think. And I am proud to be on the team that launched this vision.

WOW! did you check out the site yet??
You are the showcase star for the moment!!
Hello Jodi,
You brought so much to the event at Spirit of Greatness. Thank you for your stand for sharing hugs; you grounded the group in what this movement is about. Thank you for drafting the vision of the group. Who you are makes a big difference.
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