Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pregnancy High

I have been hearing from many that midway during pregnancy I will feel a "high" like no other. Today it set in and what a relief, because truthfully the beginnings of the pregnancy was anything but.

This past weekend I led a 3 day NGY Teacher Training...13 women, 10 of which were moms of young ones. I felt so loved and supported, with lots of wisdom learned. I know the Law of Giving & Receiving was in full effect, because they loved the training and my offerings, and I too learned and received so many blessings.

Today I feel like a new pregnant woman! I feel light, inspired, creative, motivated, powerful and peaceful. In celebration of feeling good, I planted lots of veggies, herbs, strawberries and flowers in the garden, made my first roast chicken, got a haircut and am on my way to teach an adult Yoga class at the Chopra Center.

More goodness soon!

So glad you are feeling great. The second trimester is amazing!!! :-) See you next week!
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