Wednesday, April 15, 2009


It has been less than a week since I birthed our 18 week old fetus and I feel the healing process is happening. Physically I am cramping less, so my uterus must be returning back to its original place. I am still bleeding, that too seems to be lighter.

Because I am human, I continue to ask questions of what I did wrong. I realize that is a conversation for the ego. I did nothing wrong. I ate healthy, I exercised, practiced yoga, meditated, prayed and sent love and light to the baby daily. So why did he leave us? Was there a health issue? Was it his karma to come for just a short time?

I believe that I am emotionally healing because we have received SO much love & support from family, friends and our community - we feel so blessed. Some are even impressed by our willingness to share our experience. David received this email from his coach that I love so much...

Dr. David: I once had a friend whose very first expression, when we shared our news that we were pregnant with him, was “Oh, you shouldn’t tell anyone until the first trimester is over in case something happens.” His intent was innocent, perhaps, but fear-based…as if it was a horror/burden to have to tell everyone that knows you are pregnant that you miscarried if, in fact, you did. I was somewhat upset or disappointed that he was not immediately happy for us but instead reacted with fear/suffocation. I told him that if something should happen to the baby we will get more love and support from those we’ve told than anyone who chooses to walk that road in fear/silence….

We have been blessed, indeed!! Thank you so much for your love & support!

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