Thursday, April 30, 2009


I just returned from a week in Sedona with David & my parents, what a special time we had. Healing was inevitable.

David took me to Sedona to celebrate my 35th birthday, and since we are to wed there next month (5/25) my parents met us there to join the B-day celebration and also for wedding planning. The 4 of us had lots of fun, enjoying Sedona restaurants, hikes, meditations, sunsets, spa treatments, peace and quiet in the mountains and lots of laughs.

I feel so blessed to have been able to heal in the Red Rocks with the peole who love me the most.

Dear, dear Jodi,

I am so glad you are healing among loved ones in a spiritual place. I feel for you intensely, I know where you are. I, too, miscarried at 18 weeks. This was almost 19 years ago. I believe our first little soul came back to us a year later in our son, who is off to college this fall! I confess I was bereft after our loss. It is a harder thing that most people can see or imagine, even those who love us. Like you, I had to push down questions of what did I do wrong. As you, enlightened spirit that you are, already know, you did nothing wrong. This was probably a contract your soul made with Tru's before you ever came into this life. If it is karma, then it is a gift you gave one another, in the sense that the karma has been fulfilled, and you are all deeper souls for it. Be gentle with yourself in weeks to come, when it seems everyone thinks you should be okay again. You will be okay, but it will take time and maybe even some more tears. But how blessed you are to be able to go through this with a loving partner. These experiences deepen relationships. It did mine. And by the way, I went on to have a second child, a precious and wonderful girl you know as Kai, who brought me to your magical parent-child NGY class in NYC. (Can you believe she is now in high school? And guess what, she is still doing yoga! She gets up at 5:45 am to be at school for 7 to do it. And she's signed up for it again next year. So the seeds you planted are bearing fruit.) I am so moved by you sharing of all this, and my love and prayers for continued healing are with you. And may your marriage and home now and in the years to come be filled with laughter and silliness and wonderful yoga! We love you Jodi. Big hugs. Rosemarie (Kai's mom)
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