Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where have I been?

Well, I have been immersing myself deep in spiritual study lately. I recently did a 5 day Immersion course with Tom & Trisha, my teachers and the amazing founders of Soul of Yoga. Along with 15 other committed souls, we went deep in connecting with Spirit through meditation.

Since the miscarriage, I realized that I lost my faith and trust in God. My once love and belief in everything being divinely perfect was being questioned, doubted and I was in worry-mode. A reconnection was much in need. I had taken the Immersion course before when I first moved to California, and new it was the right thing for me to go through again to get back on track.

My recent days have been full of love, grace and trust. I wake up every day and thank the universe for breath, life and all my situations. I meditate daily (sometimes twice a day!), do yoga, see God in everything and everyone and practice non-violence to others and myself. This includes releasing self doubts, negativity and limiting beliefs.

I realize now that the path I am on is non-negotiable, there is no other way for me. I choose to stay connected to Source because I am at home here. I know God loves us SO much and wants us to be happy. The best news is that I get to be on this path with my other Beloved, my husband :)

Dear Jodi, so happy to finally check in with you again and you are such a wonderful brave light. I took a course of yours back in NY. I am so happy for your marriage and I am so touched by your short time with your son. FAITH!!!

I was thinking of you, because I have some friends in a band I have been following for years- the lead does a lot of Yoga and I thought you might like their music and share it with your network- their myscpace page needs all of the clicks it can get and they finally put one of my favorite songs on their page with a great video. if you like it, let me know!!!

my favorite song- "San Antone!" but hopefully some of her mystical songs will be on their ep release coming up! Lot's of love from an old student, Megan- m.jones@washingtonwest.com
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