Thursday, September 17, 2009

Moving on Up

The theme song from The Jefferson, Moving on Up, was the song we all sang when we entered our new home this past weekend. Yep, David & I now have a house of our own to co-create and habituate, together, as husband and wife.

In January of this year, when David moved in to the house with me, it was a small 700 sq. foot beach house, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Perfect when it was just Chants & I, teeny for us newly-weds. We craved a larger house, one where we could spread out, decorate together, choose furniture and make a home. We actually meditated on this house and 5 weeks later, we manifested it.

This weekend, with the wonderful support of good friends, THANK YOU Rene, Stephanie, Amanda, Kali & Laiden, we moved to a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom single family house, twice the size of our last abode! We have a huge yard, 2 car garage, fireplace and large entertaining kitchen. It feels really good! We are thrilled and can hardly wait to have friends & family visit and come play, so hurry on over!!

BTW - David told me he really feels married now, living in a house like this, I guess, was the trigger. Pics to come!

will you make us a beautiful salad in your kitchen? Can't wait to see pictures and then the real thing!!
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