Thursday, October 15, 2009

1 Year Later

I recall this day last year so clearly...I was beginning a 28 day cleanse and completing 15 years of being on anti-depressants. Yep, it has been 1 year that I have been off, clean, clear, free of medication...I am so proud to share!!

Honestly, I'll say it has not been an easy road, being drug-free, yet I am certain that no drugs has me living my life in a whole new way that I love and appreciate so much. I am thrilled to say that my original intention remains true for me today: to feel & deal, and that is what I am doing.

So 1 year later, drug free and day 2 of another 28 day cleanse...I was greeted by my beloved with this card and beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Congratulations, Jods!
What an accomplishment and inspiration. Live it UP.
so proud of you girl! You really are an inspiration and an image of pure goddess!
Congratulations JoJo! I'm proud of you! xxxx
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