Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I had a fabulous Thanksgiving this year as my entire family, and David's parents, came to visit us here in San Diego. Yep - we didn't have to do a bit of traveleing and it was awesome!

As newly-weds, it was our first time hosting Thanksgiving together. It was such a treat to cook with my mom and have the whole family at our new house enjoying the home we created together.

What was also so fun was being a tourist and playing at Disney & Lego Land, 2 local destinations I always wanted to visit but was waiting till my neice and nephew came to visit.

Hello Jodi;
I have a 5yr old and a 3yr old.
Savannah (5) is very difficult to get up for school. She will wake in a moment to do your yoga! We also have had many problems at home. Dad with disability/reactions to his medicine, mom lost her job. We have support and are attempting to get thru this hard time. Just to sum up, thank you for your yoga for kids. It has done a world of wonders for Savannah. She likes to say "Yuma ta" (spelling not correct I am sure) to the other families in the area. Once again Thank you and we will look forward to more of your yoga. Tamara Thomas, Scotlynn and Savannah
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