Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spiritual Mastery

I just returned home from Retreat & studying with Paul Ferrini in Parish Florida. It has been 6 months since I began reading his books & practicing/living Real Happiness. I am so grateful for this work, for I am today experiencing the fruits of the labor.

I find myself more accepting of who I am and have compassion for the parts of me that I don't necessarily like. I am more accepting and loving with others. I connect to the divine inside of me in meditation and throughout out the days, and see the light inside of you. I am aware & connected to a little Jodi (my inner-child) who is reminding me not to betray myself. I am healing.

A huge piece of this work that has aided me so greatly is that I get that I am responsible for everything I feel, I say, I think & I do. And everyone else is responsible for what they feel, they say, they think & they do. How freeing is that! I get to take everyone off the hook and take responsibility for myself. I see this showing up clearly in my relationship with David, and it fits just right. I feel very empowered & so in my heart.

On a break, I went canoeing with Kolby - down the north bank of the Manatee River in Parish Florida, DaySpring Retreat Center.

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