Monday, June 28, 2010

I commenced my day by spontaneously performing a random act of kindness...I decorated the entrance stairway of a strangers home with flowers. I recently moved to the coolest lil hip town in California...aka Keep Leucadia FUNKY! Where the trees grow the most beautiful, unique and colorful flowers. Succulents are the fractals of the neighborhood and there are SO MANY fruit trees!! My new hood is an old avo orchard.

Yes, so much has transpired in such a short time, and according to the healers...I have completed 20 years of life lessons in just a year & 1/2. Woohooo, that is FAST energy!

Today, I am feeling the affects of this healing. I am experiencing Love, Oneness, Peace and Gratitude.

How about you?

If it has been a while since we have connected, Id love to hear from you. Tell me about YOU, the lessons, the challenges, the gifts, the healings ...what you have been feeling deeply lately. Please write me: or 866-NGY-YOGA. Namaste.

Oh & Chants is pretty happy today too!

Hi Jodi,

Glad to see your latest blog post. love Leucadia! Whenever my family plans to go to San Diego, we always end up near there instead. just feels like a great place to stop. blessings on the new place.

I love it when you to hear your life and the amazing beauty and wisdom that comes through when you describe it.

20 years in just a year and 1/2....what a magickal time. We are all so blessed to BE HERE NOW. Yes its moving fast, yes it is painful, scary, magnificant and gorgeous..........would not change a thing. Keep shining your amazing light Jojo!!! xoxo marcia
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