Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Wednesday Walk ~ Keep it Simple :)

I decided to make video blogging super simple & integrate it in to my life with ease. It is something I have been wanting to do on a onsistecnt regular basis, and was inspired by my friend Gina Axelson to take my flip cam with me on my dog walks every Wednesday. Enjoy this video on how you too can incorporate things in your life that you want to do, simply.

What do you want to make easy in your life? I’d love to hear from you, please leave me a comment.

Love, jodi

Dear Jodi,

I LOVE this message and it hits me hard. I find it so challenging and overwhelming running my business for kids and adults in NYC. I often feel alone and that things just don't get done without a team. And how to create team without paying everything out? I go around and around just "mananging" never seeming to move forward with my aspirations and dreams I have for the business. I am so busy just doing it, advertizing it, trying to market it, share it, better it, create more to offer, on and on. Then years to by and it seems nothing really gets done. I'm sure you get this as your journey from NYC has brought you so many new journeys.

I don't want to give up what I've created but am so stuck sometimes with what seems like so much work . There has to be an easier way, and that's what resonated with me today, through you.

I'd love a chance to chat when you're in NYC this July! Keep on Truckin;)
Claire Munday
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